Monday, April 25, 2005

Cubs; Prior to test out Lights:

"Sit-Pen" Ready To Respond

MARK PRIOR a.k.a. "The Franchise" will show off his impressive calf muscles tonight under the flattering lights of Wrigley Field. He and the Cubs will face the Cincinnati Reds for the first home night game of the season.
The at-home-night-game is a new situation for the 2005 cubs, but Dusty Baker's newly formed "situational-bullpen" should be prepared to respond. Several members of 'sit-pen' spoke to the media after yesterdays game to explain the innovative new approach.
"We have different situations every game," said reliever Chad Fox, "That's how Dusty came up with the idea of having the situational bullpen...I guess."
"Yeah" added Michael Wuretz, "for the different situations."
While many fans may still be confused as to exactly what a "situational-bullpen" is, lefty Cliff Bartosh assured reporters that "it makes sense...for the situation."


Anonymous Bleacher Creature said...

More like 'SHIT-PEN 05'

11:47 PM  
Anonymous LaTroy Bawkins said...

It's actually called bulpen by situation. If there's a situation where they want a closer, not me. But if they need an opener, I'm your man.

5:09 PM  

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