Saturday, May 07, 2005

Cubs Shave Heads, Drop 7th Straight

The Cubs Kerry Wood played the part of clubhouse barber yesterday and shaved the heads of several players including Glendon Rusch, Michael Barrett, Mike Remlinger, Todd Wellemeyer, Carlos Zambrano and Mike Wuretz. He convinced the Cubs that a new clean shaven look would give them a fresh start and help them break their current loosing streak. But Wood's intentions may not have been entirely noble. It appears that this was his idea of a joke.

"I was just getting so bored sitting there on the DL. I thought that it would be funny to tell the guys that shaving their heads would help them win...and they believed me." said Wood chuckling.
The Cubs did buy into the idea; for a while. It wasn't until after the team dropped its 7th straight yesterday that players suspected that Wood was having a little fun with them.
"It didn't work," said Glendon Rusch after the defeat, "I can't believe I fell for that. I look like an idiot."
"I didn't think Kerry's little prank was funny at all" said Michael Barrett, who now looks like a giant toe. "I should have known it was a hoax when he called it a "rally head."
Cubs utility player Jose Macias found the prank amusing. "I love it when white guys shave their heads, they get that funny tan line."

The Cubs have now extended their loosing streak to 7 straight games, which is their longest in almost 3 years.


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