Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Hank White Day


Today, May 3 2005, will forever be remembered as Hank White Day, in honor of cubs hero Henry Blanco, who scored the only run in a boring and depressing loss to the Brewers.
He also made two great plays at the plate, threw out a runner at third, and did a superb job of handling the firey Carlos Zambrano, who pitched a great game, despite recieving the loss.
Hank's solo shot was his first as a Cub, as well as the first in recent memory.

"I know I hit a home run in spring training this year," Blanco recalled, "but the last time I hit a regular season home run...jeez, I can't even remember."

Well Hank we'll never forget this one.
It wasn't enough to win the game, but it was enough to win you over in our hearts forever.

To join in the love fest, check out the Hank White Fan Club brought to you by our friends at Desipio.


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