Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The "New Mets" come to Town

Mon. 7:05 CT: Aaron Heilman / Jon Leicester
Starter Jon Leicester was called up into the rotation after Ryan Dempster was moved to the closer role in order to help Cubs loose 7-4. The rearranged bullpen faltered and Leicester was promptly sent back to the minors and Sergio Meat-Tray was called up. I don't mind Dempster being used as a closer at this point. If nothing else, it will spare LaTroy further damage to his psyche. He is a good pitcher ya know.

Tue. 7:05 CT: Kris Benson / Greg Maddux
Mad Dog and the Cubs were on last night. Maddux delivered anther vintage performance. He shut out the Mets on only 3 hits and 10 Ks over 6 2/3 innings. After the game, the Mets realized that Greg Maddux is the same Greg Maddux that they had heard of.
"Everybody knows who Greg Maddux is" said Jose Reyes, "I just didn't know that the 'Greg Maddux' on the Cubs was the same guy."
Veteran Mike Piazza was equally suprised. "People always talk about Wood, Prior and Zambrano. I figured I would have heard by now if the Cubs also had,like, the best pitcher of all time" said the catcher, "I thought Maddux retired or was a pitching coach or something..."
In addition to stellar pitching, the Cubs' bats finally came alive last night. Corey hit two solo shots and Short Bus hit a 2 run homer. The Dew Boy also had a home run and 2 RBIs, though this didn't impress the manager who plans to take him back out of the staring lineup after this failed experiment.

"Listen dude, don't think I'm going to let that guy [Dubois] start just because he hits a home run every time we play him"
said Dusty Baker

Wed. 1:20 CT: Victor Zambrano / The Franchise
I just got done watching Derrek Lee's walk off homerun over and over. I must have seen it about 10 times now. I couldn't get enough of it. I highly reccomend trying this. It will bring a smile to your face. For the full effect, watch the entire at bat a few times as well.

This guy is my hero. He CRUSHED that ball. After falling behind 0-2, he worked it to a full count and on the 11th pitch he destroyed the ball. He hit a line drive directly into the wind and straight into the left field bleachers. Just awesome.
I haven't seen anybody carry the Cubs like this since Sammy in 1998 or Hawk in 1987. We may have the next MVP on our hands here.
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A-Ram missed the game due to back spasms (a.k.a. fat spasms), and Dempster is now getting precautionary x-rays after fielding a line drive with his forearm. So far he's outlasted Chad Fox in the closer role by one day.
AL News: Octavio Dotel blew the save for Oakland by surrendering a 2 run walk off home run to Boston for the seecond day in a row. Sounds like he just might make the perfect Cub closer after all.


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Are you that dude who grabbed that foul ball a couple years ago to ruin the Cubs chances at the World Series?

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I'm Moises Alou.

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