Thursday, May 05, 2005

Well, That Sure Sucked

Cubs were swept by the Brewers. Thats right, The Brewers.
While watching the series, an old familiar feeling crept over me. It was that "the Cubs just aren't that good " feeling. I had forgotten about that real hopelessnes for the past few years.
It's something that most of us have felt for the better part of our lives. This is nothing new. We are all very familiar with disapointment, and infact often very proud of our ability to cope with it. It's part of being a Cub fan.

"Oh yeah, I remember what this feels like"
But in the post Dusty era (say what you will about him) the Cubs don't seem lovable when they loose. It just sucks. They are too close to being really good, and they loose games in the most frustrating and annoying ways. Walking in the winning run, a walk off bloop, a blown save, and stranding thousands of baserunners...
I know it's way to early to panic, and that the Cubs have way too much talent to give up play-off hopes, but they aren't going to win any pennants by playing like this. There are still plenty of reasons to be hopeful, and it is only May. But right now the team is clearly heading in the wrong direction. The two key problems I see are an unreliable bullpen, and poor hitting with runners in scoring position. If they don't address these issues, mediocrity here we come!


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