Thursday, June 09, 2005

Exclusive BDCBP Interview: Cubs top Prospect Caramis Rambrano

Last week while I was in Des Moines, home of the AAA Iowa Cubs, I had a chance to sit down and talk with a young man who is creating quite a buzz in the baseball world. Though you may not have heard of him yet, he promises to do very great things in the near future. He is the cubs top prospect, Caramis Rambrano.

At 7-foot 5-inches tall and 362 pounds, the young phenom burst onto the scene last year, his first with the AA Daytona Cubs. Caramis throws a 99 MPH fast ball and a-knee buckling slider which usually clocks in at around 92. He put together a 17-2 record last year as a starter for the Daytona Cubs, and boasted an ERA of 1.18. Equally impressive is the fact that he batted .385 hit 48 HRs last year, playing at 3rd base between starts. Scouts are already labeling him as the most talented player since Babe Ruth. But the most amazing fact is this: Rambrano just turned 14 last week. Here's what he had to say to us in a candid BDCBP interview.
Best Dan Cub Blog Period: Hey Caramis, Thanks for sitting down with us today.
Caramis Rambrano:
My pleasure, Thanks for having me
You know, as I look over your minor league stats, one thing in particular stands out to me. I see here that you averaged 3.2 strikeouts an inning. How is that possible?
CR: That's funny, I get asked that a lot. It's mostly because some of the minor league catchers here have had trouble handling my stuff, especially my breaking ball. A lot of baserunners reached base on me after striking out because the catcher couldn't hang onto the ball. I would often have to strike out like five or six guys in an inning just to get three outs.
Wow, that must be frustrating.
It's cool man, I like to pitch as much as possible.
Your arm has been compared to that of Cub's starter Carlos Zambrano. Comparisons have also been made with cubs 3rd baseman Aramis Ramirez with regard to your hitting.
Where are you going with this?
BDCBP: Well, I just though that it was ironic that your name....
CR: This interview is over. be continued..............


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