Thursday, June 30, 2005

Nationals Pass Time In Chicago

Fri. July 1, 1:20 pm CT: Mark Prior vs. Livan Hernandez
Nationals 4, Cubs 3

The Franchise was good, but not good enough. The crafty Livan Hernadez earned his 12th win in a game in which Burnitz had one of the most bizarre innings of his career. In the course of 2 minutes he took fans on an emotional roller coaster. He hit a game tying 2 run home run, W'HOO!... only to have the call reversed and ruled a foul ball..BOOO! But then, he then hit an RBI double.W'HEE! Moments later was picked off 3rd base by the catcher...Guh.
"I have to be more on my toes" Burnitz said.
...more on the base would be good...

Henry Blanco was visibly upset by the play.

See, look what you've done!
You've made Hank White cry.
Are you happy now?

Sat. July 2, 3:05 pm CT: Jerome Williams vs. Tony Armas
Nationals 4, Derrek Lee 2

The good news is that Jerome Williams looks like he work out to be a decent 5th starter this year. The bad news is that even if Jerome Williams pitches like Josh Gibson, it won't matter in unless the Cubs do something about the horrendous top of the order. The Cubs have the best hitter in all of baseball bating third in Derrek Lee, yet they have somehow managed to put two players with in front of him with the worst combined on base percentages of any 1 and 2 hitters in the league. This makes Derrek Lee's RBI numbers all the more staggering.
In a post game interview, Dusty said he'd take Corey out of the lead off role
"as soon as I get a permanent lead off hitter." Putting Corey in the leadoff role is probably Dusty's stubborn way of forcing Jim Hendry to acquire Mark Kotsay.

" C'mon baby, throw out the first pitch, it's the least we can do..."

As Neifi Perez is plummeting back towards his depressing Neifi Perez-like numbers, Ronny Cedeno, a.k.a. Ron Cé, has been called up for part time shortstop duty. Meanwhile, Nomar Garciaparra is on the up and up and may be back sooner than expected, which is still not anytime soon, but, whatever...that's nice...I guess. Mia Hamm will throw out the first pitch on Sunday in honor of Mia Hamm Jersey Day and to remind fans that Nomar Garciaparra is on the Cubs.

Sun. July 3, 1:20 pm CT: Carlos Zambrano vs. Ryan Dreese
Nationals 5, Cubs 4

Zambrano pitched well, but wasn't able to earn a win because the cubs didn't get the memo that Ryan Dreese sucks. Todd Walker's throwing error in the 11th was probably the most costly play in this heartbreaker. The Cubs managed to escape defeat twice with dramatic comebacks in the 9th and 11th innings. But they lost anyway.
It seemed like the Cubs were the better team for most of the series, but they just couldn't get the results. I have decided that the Nationals are now my least favorite team. They just keep winning when they don't deserve to.



Anonymous CubfanDan's Mom said...

I think we can win-with-Wood on Sunday.

7:04 AM  
Anonymous Cubfandan's Mom said...

Sorry, Kerry didn't bring his best stuff to the 4th bash. But we need some OFFENSE if we're gonna make it to the playoffs (!).
CubfanDan, loved the fireworks pix.

8:08 AM  
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