Friday, June 10, 2005

Welcome Idiots

  • Friday, June 10 1:20 PM CT (Bronson Oy-yoy-yoy / Mad Dog)
  • Saturday, June 11 2:15 PM CT (Wade Miller / Z: El Toro )
  • Sunday, June 12 7:05 PM CT (Tim Wakefield / G-Unit)

"Those guys really are idiots" said Cubs pitcher Greg Maddux "I can't believe they were dumb enough to pitch to me. I can rake!"
Greg Maddux earned the win and hit a solo homerun in yesterday's 14-6 romp.

Boston center fielder Johnny Damon told the Globe that Chicagoans should appreciate how fortunate they are to be able to watch Cubs games in an environment like Wrigley Field.
"These fans should be very proud of what they have here," Damon said. "Boston fans are enjoying life more now, and hopefully Cubs fans will find it soon."

Shut up Johnny. We thought wrigley field was a pretty cool place before you came here, and we are enjoying life just fine. Take your ring and go home....idiot.


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