Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Kerry Wood is hurt? That's un-possible!

"My work here is done, thank you very much..."
After 3 innings and 66 pitches, Kerry Wood was taken out of the game tonight with "shoulder stiffness." No official word will be announced until after Kerry is examined tomorrow morning by the Reds team physician.

The Cubs staff is trying to downplay the situation right now, claiming that the trainers took him out early as a precautionary measure.

"[This is] similar to what he had in Spring Training, a little bit of what we were dealing with back after that Houston game [on April 30]," O'Neal said.

Precautionary? The way I remember it, the problems in spring training and after that Houston game were followed by trips to the DL.

This never gets old.
Maybe he'll make another imperceptible change in mechanics.


Anonymous Chunsum said...

This will never end. I'm beginning to think that the Cubs should deal KW. I know, I know, they all do well after leaving Chicago. But it's better than having them not producing.

A resolution is a must for this issue.

12:58 PM  
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Anonymous Dr. Dale said...

yea of little faith...

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