Sunday, July 03, 2005

  • Mon. July 4th, 7:05 ET: Kerry Wood - Kyle Daives

In honor of the 4th of July, Kerry Wood was lit up in the first inning by the Atlanta Braves. The Cubs ZERO runs were not enough to make a comeback.
  • Tues. July 5th, 7:35 ET: Greg Maddux - Roman Colon
The worst game ever:
Heres a summary of 3 hours of my life, I'll never have back again. At least I cleaned my room.
  1. Derrek Lee leaves the game early with a vague shoulder injury
  2. Neifi Perez is batting lead off.
  3. A 90 minute rain delay
  4. Another no-name pitcher shuts down the cubs.
  5. During the Rain Delay forced to watch women's softball in the league where all players are required to be overweight, with bad teeth, mullets, and wear tight sweatpants.
  6. Todd Hollandsworth is best hitter on the team.
  7. Cubs fall 2 games under .500 into a tie with the Houston Astros.
  • Wed. July 6th, 7:05 ET: Mark Prior - John Smoltz
OK, so maybe things are not as bad as they look, but they are not good. The Cubs have just lost 6 straight and are below .500 at the halfway point of the season. Here's what Steve Stone had to say ''You're not as good as you look when you're streaking, and you're not as bad as you look when you're on a losing streak. Somewhere in the middle, which is right now critically mediocre, are the Chicago Cubs. Unfortunately, it's going to take some sort of big move to put them over the top.''
The 2005 Cubs are good enough to be in the wild card race in the NL...for now, but not for much longer.
Like Stoney said, for them to make the post season, the Cubs are going to need to make some sort of a trade, and if anyone can do it it's Jim Hendry. He has the money and the prospects, and the skills to pull it off.
The problem is, if the Cubs continue with this spectacularly flaccid offense, they are going to make it tough for Hendry to justify being a buyer. It would be nice if the Cubs could at least try to take themselves seriously as we approach the trading deadline. Prior usually rises to the occasion. Let's hope he can break the skid tonight.
This game was canceled due to rain. Apparently even God himself was mortified at the sight of the starting lineup that almost disgraced the field for the Cubs.

1. Neifi Perez - SS
2. Jose Macias - 2B...(should I go on?)
3. Todd Walker - 1B
4. Aramis Ramirez - 3B
5. Todd Hollandsworth - LF
6. Jeromy Burnitz - RF
7. Michael Barrett - C
8. Corey Patterson - CF
9. Mark Prior - SP

If anyone can remember a more horrific Cub lineup in recenet history, let me know.
  • Thur. July 7th, Double header:
    • Mark Prior-Horacio Ramirez
    • Jerome Williams - John Smoltz
This was agonizing, embarassing, depressing, and irritating...expect many fans to go to the proverbial ledge tonight.


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