Saturday, July 09, 2005

Sucktacular. RSWN

After an 8 game loosing streak, morale is the lowest it's been all season. It's too depressing for me to write much right now, but there's lots of news to address, so I'll try a new format for today called RSWN, which stands for rapid spewing (with numbers).

  1. Corey Patterson sent down to AAA: a little shocking, but obviously necessary, odds of his next big league appearance in a Cub Uniform=60/40
  2. Dubois sent down: I have no reaction to this. Fine, whatever, give him more at bats, he has power, but he's not a valuable big league hitter, and his defense is, well, awful
  3. Matt Murton called up: whoever he is, he made a hell of a debut.
  4. Adam Greenberg called up: Finally one of the chosen people is chosen by the Cubs.
  5. Preston Wilson already traded: Cubs must not have wanted him to badly
  6. Mark Kotsay signed 3 year extension with the A's: ...ok. so, who's left? So much for my poll....
  7. Here come the Astros: deja vu...
  8. Are the Cubs sellers? No, but they are no longer in the market for a rent-a-vet signing like Moises Alou etc. They are now looking for an addition that can help the team now, and the next few years.
  9. Just how bad is it right now?...probably not as bad as it looks... Is that supposed to be comforting?


Anonymous CubFanDan Mom said...

Saturday JULY 9

CUBS - 8
Marlins - nuttin'

Doesn't that mean:


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