Monday, August 01, 2005

Ryne Sandberg Resents Matt Lawton for Stealing Spotlight.

"I can't believe this asshole gets traded to the Cubs right in the middle of my speech." said a perturbed Ryne Sandberg.
The big story in Cooperstown yesterday was not Wade Boggs, or Ryne Sandberg. It was Matt Lawton, who was traded to the Cubs from the Pittsburgh Pirates.
Legendary Chicago Cub second baseman and long time fan favorite, Ryne Sandberg, was inducted to the hall of fame yesterday afternoon.
The induction ceremony conincided with the non-waiver trading deadline, which proved to be a distraction for many fans.
Matt Lawton was seen mugging for the camera during the induction ceremony, stealing the spot light from Sandberg.
"It was ironic" said fellow inductee Wade Boggs, "because Ryno was talking about how it's more important to play the game right, than to know where the red light on the camera is. Just as he said that, Lawton jumped in front of the camera and the crowd went nuts."
"I was so proud to see Ryno get the recognition he deserves," said Michael Fisher, an Elmhurst resident who made the trip to Cooperstown, "I grew up idolizing--OH MY GOD, Look! MATT LAWTON!! MATT LAWTON IS ON THE CUBS! FINALLY A LEAD OFF HITTER!"
Many Cub fans enjoyed Sandberg's speech, while others thought his soap box antics were inappropriate; but most were too distracted by the Lawton deal to listen.
"He said something about being a 'baseball player'... respecting the game, stuff like that-" said one Cub fan, "Wait, hang on a second, are you telling me that all the Cubs gave up was Jody Gerut? That's awesome!"
I'm going on the record now as saying that putting Kerry Wood in the bullpen is a mistake. His value is questionable, and his health is even more questionable, and I can't imagine how he would not be risking further injury working out of the bullpen. He needs surgery, he should get it now, and maybe he might actually have a healthy season next year.


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