Saturday, September 03, 2005

Season doesn't matter anymore. Enjoy!

Hey there readers. I haven't written much lately, because, well, I haven't cared as much. I would imagine many of you haven't checked the blog as often for the same reason. Mark Grace (slacker) hasn't done any writing either, but that's just as well. Basically what happened is, the Cubs and I broke up. Don't worry, it's OK, we are still good friends. But the Cubs and I have gone back to the kind of relationship we used to have in the 80s and 90s. It's more of a low key, relaxed, casual type-deal. We don't have to spend every moment together and we are allowed to see other people. We don't have high expectations for one another, but for the most part we enjoy eachothers company.I have been going through Cubbie withdrawal symptoms since they fell out of the race. It hasn't been easy. Some of the symptoms include: getting more work done, having a healthy social life, sleeping better, and reading more. If you are experiencing any of these things, don't worry, it's normal.

Meaningless September baseball is certainly something we are all familiar with as cubs fans, just not in the last few years. It's not that bad. Since the games don't matter, they can no longer be a source of so much anxiety and stress. Being a cub fan is no longer are as time consuming. Watching the games is now optional. And since expectations are low, they are less disappointing. It doesn't really matter. Anything good that happens (like Henry Blanco going 3 for 4 today with a homerun) is a pleasant surprise. W'hoo! September is once again a month where Cub fans can relax, and simply bask in baseball's warm glowing, warming glow Find one of many emplty seats now available at Wrigley and enjoy the remainder of the season with light heartedness, a sense of humor and a beer.

Now is a time for us to pull for the new guys like Matt Murton, Ron Ce, and Jeremy VanBuren. We can now let go of our unrealistic hope of reaching the post season, and latch on to other less exciting and only slightly less unrealistic hopes. He can hope to watch Greg Maddux collect at least 15 wins for his 18th consecutive year (staggering), or hope to see Derrek Lee win the MVP award, or better yet, the triple crown. Unfortunately, because those guys are on the Cubs, it probably wont' happen for them either. But there are other things to root for. Perhaps we can see Nomar finish the season without loosing any limbs. Or maybe, just maybe, Dusty Baker will get fired. OK, I know that is asking too much, but I would be very eager to see if he will learn something from this terribly disappointing season. More on that later.
Relax, enjoy.
Go Cubs.


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