Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Bill Jamesisms

So I did it. I took the advice of my readers and went out and bought the Bill James Handbook. I couldn't imagine that it would be as interesting as it is, considering it's just numbers. Literally, it's a book filled with numbers. No essays, no articles, hardly even any paragraphs of text.
Just stats. But really cool stats.

here's a just a few things about some of the Cubs players that jumped out at me.
  • In the National League, the 3 batters who had the highest slugging % facing left handed pitchers are:
    1. Aramis Ramirez .694
    2. Derrek Lee .693
    3. Michael Barrett .624
  • Carlos Zambrano had the 2nd highest OPS in the NL among pitchers

  • Carlos Zambrano had, by far the lowest percentage of stolen bases allowed of any pitcher in the NL. 2 Words: Hank White.

  • Carlos also averaged 107.9 of pitches per start, ranking 2nd in the NL, behind Livan Hernandez.
  • Greg Maddux averaged 3.31 pitches per batter, lowest in the NL.
  • Ryan Dempster Led the NL in Save Percentage
  • Mark Prior led the NL in Strikeouts per 9/IP at 10.15.
  • Derrek Lee was at the top of almost every offensive category...maybe I'll post some of those later.
  • Kerry Wood has the highest chance of sustaining "any injury" next year of any pitcher in baseball according to the his injury projections. El Duque ranked 2nd.


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