Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Cubs Unveil New French Sounding Outfield.

The Cubs have added yet another outfielder with a French sounding name, Jacque Jones. Jones is not actually from France, (nor is he particularly good at baseball for that matter) but he sure sounds French, which was what mattered most to the Cubs. "Obviously, We were looking for someone who was basically the same as Corey Patterson" said General Manager Jim Hendry, "but with a name that sounded a little more go along with Juan Pierre." Over the past two seasons, Jones has posted a .251 batting average to go along with a .317 on base percentage and averaged 119 strikeouts. When asked if he was concerned about these numbers Hendry dodged the question, and responded "Au francais!"

Above: The model for the new Cubs "Outfield Uniforms" designed to make them feel more at home.


Anonymous Cubfandan's Mom said...

Pryor getting traded?
Say it isn't so, Cubfandan!

6:10 PM  
Blogger Joel R. said...

I think that uniform will set them up to be pelted with garbage from the bleachers

3:52 AM  

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