Monday, March 13, 2006

Who Saw This Coming?

Like any able-minded Cub fan, I've been skeptical of Prior's health for months, so it comes as no surprise that he left Mesa to visit our friend Dr. Lewis Yokum today. There has been several signs that this day would come: the Will Carroll article, the delayed spring training starts, the Steve Stone comments, the fact that he wasn't even asked to be on the WBC roster for team USA, the line drive off the elbow, followed by a mediocre finish last year, not to mention Prior's history with the DL. But the biggest clue that something was definately wrong was when Dusty Baker said there was absolutely nothing wrong with him. The kiss of death. He said the same thing about Kerry Wood just before he went down.

From the Chicago Tribune:
Prior may be able to make four spring starts, though three is more likely. But time is getting short. "It's not running out yet," manager Dusty Baker said. "He could come very quickly. He's thrown a lot. Nothing's wrong with him. Nothing hurts. Nothing. Nothing. It's just a matter of him getting on that mound."

Sure enough, has just reported that "Chicago Cubs pitcher Mark Prior will have his right shoulder examined by Dr. Lewis Yocum after complaining of soreness before a bullpen session on Tuesday.
Prior, 25, has some posterior rotator cuff irritation, Cubs athletic trainer Mark O'Neal said. The pitcher flew home to San Diego on Tuesday and will see Yocum on Wednesday in Los Angeles."

Of course, this is a "new" injury which caught the Cubs off guard. (Also caught off guard were Jessica Simpson, George Bush, and my dog, Ella.)

"It's unfortunate," Cubs general manager Jim Hendry said. "The first time he's ever complained of discomfort since we got here [in spring camp] is today. It will be perceived any way people want to perceive it."

..unless you're the Cubs, and you can just not perceive it at all.

But wait, there's more!
If that wasn't bad enough, Prior won't be the only one visiting Dr Yokum this week.
Derrek Lee who hurt his shoulder while diving for a ball in the WBC game against Japan has also scheduled an appointment.

See you on the ledge folks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, Miller will be ready in May.

Wood will be ready in May.

Prior will be ready in May.

So, if we can just convince Pud Selig to postpone the start of the season until May, maybe we can have a chance, right?

9:48 PM  
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