Sunday, April 02, 2006

Osvaldo Report: 2006 Predicciones

I got my haircut yesterday, and you know what that means. It's time for some baseball analysis and the inside scoop from everyones favorite barber, Osvaldo.
To be honest, Osvaldo hasn't had any juicy gossip for me in quite some time. All I got was that that Alfonso Soriano is hooking up Octavio Dotel with his old house, and that Pedro Martinez likes to drink, a lot. But the best news is that I have been invited to join Osvaldo and his friends on their next visit to Pedro's house in NY. I can't see this ever actually happening, but it's possible. I do believe that it is a completely sincere invitation, and I know that they has been out to hang with Pedro before, (he's got pictures of the evening all over the barbershop.) So we'll see. I promise that if I do go party with Pedro, I will give you all a full special edition Osvaldo report, with Dan, live from Pedro's Crib.

In the meantime, on the eve of opening day, I present you with Osvaldo's predictions for the 2006 season, brought to you en espaƱol.

Osvaldo's NL Picks
Los Cardinales y Atlanta (w.c.)
Los Mets y Los Dogers
Los Cardinales y Los Mets

Predicciones por la Liga Americana.
Los Medias Blancas y Los Angelinos (w.c.)
Los Atleticos y Los Yankees
Los Medias Blancas (white sox) y Los Atleticos

Serie Mundial
Los Cardenales y Los Media Blancas,
Chicago van a repetir y ser campeones en el 2006
Que lastima por los fanaticos de los Cachorros, no?

(Osvaldo predicts the "World Series From Hell" for Cub fans, with the White Sox beating the Cardinals for their second straight championship.)

Osvaldos MVP Picks:
NL: Albert Pujols
AL: Alex Rodriguez

NL Cy Young: Pedro (still the best pitcher in the universe, by a lot, according to Osvaldo)
AL Cy Young: Matt Clement

There you have it.


Anonymous Matt Clement said...


7:04 PM  
Anonymous Cubfandan's Mom said...

Hey, who's this Juan Pierre guy?
Is he Dominican?
Is he French?
Is he Haitian?
Whatever his ethnicity, he's good.

Can we keep him?


Get ready for a subway series in '06!

7:00 PM  
Anonymous Marc said...

9/29 WHAT DID I JUST HEAR? In an interview, Dusty said "This was a funny year. Usually the season feels long but this year it felt short, we just ran out of time." !!!!!!

4:08 PM  
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